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Why choose Prior Engagements? We take pride in our business, and it shows!

We commit to:

  • High quality product, always clean
  • An excellent level of service, from first contact to after your event!
  • Friendly advice garnered from years of practical event experience
  • Competitive pricing, one stop shop, designed to save your money and time!

We are getting married and would love to have our ceremony
and reception outside… where do I start?

Prior Engagements will work with you to sort out all the details:

...your location to determine any tenting requirements
...what your special day looks like to you (potential number of guests, reception with dancing, buffet or served dinner, getting married by the lake, in the living room, wherever!, and overall logistics of your location
and then we will offer some options. This consultation and/or site visit is at no cost to you, it is part of our service to make your day great!

Are there restrictions as to where you can put a tent?

Standard practice and necessity is to stake tents in to the ground, anywhere from 18”- 42” down, depending on tent size. Prior to booking, we look at proximity to bedrock, septic systems, underground irrigation systems, asphalt, and overhead wires. It is the renters responsibility to provide us with accurate information as to underground services. Homeowners must be present when tents are installed.

Our trucks need to be in close proximity to set up site as many of the components are very heavy.

To assist you with your set-up, tents are installed a minimum of one day prior to your event.

Click here for our guidelines for tenting.

How do I know what size tent I will need?

Industry standards are as follows:

Theatre / Ceremony Seating (chairs in rows) 6ft square per person, not including aisles
Dinner Seating

8ft rectangular tables - 8-10 sq. ft. per person
6ft round tables - 12-14 sq. ft. per person
5ft round tables - 10-12 sq. ft. per person

Standing / Cocktail Receptions 6 ft square per person
Dance Floor 4 ft square per person
Bar Area 100 square feet per 60 – 75 guests
Entertainment & DJ

needs vary from 80 ft square to 200 ft square

It is, however, important to look at your individual event requirements – for example – is the ceremony under the dining tent if it rains, where does the buffet go, where does the caterer work from, will there be dancing, what style of tables would you like?. These questions and more need to be thought out before committing to a tent size and we will guide you through the process and provide diagrams similar to the ones shown below. Starting at 10' x 10' in size for a do-it-yourself canopy installation, we can offer you tents to sit up to 1000 guests.


Canopy structures are a lighter weight canvas product, more suited for shade and light rain shelter than a heavy storm.
They fit in the back of vans, trucks and take two people 10 minutes to erect.

photo of the interior of a 40' wide tent

10 x 20 canopies are great for shade on a hot day, or to cover a bar
or buffet table. Simple do it yourself pop up structures. Sides also available.

10' x 10'


10' x 20' $165
Solid & Panoramic Walls for Canopies $5

Installed Tents

Pricing includes installation, all sides - two sides windowed walls, two sides solid walls.

20' x 20' Frame Tent - $375

20' x 30' Frame Tent - $475

20' x 40' Frame Tent - $650
Click here to view layout idea

20' x 50' Frame Tent - $800
Click here to view layout idea.

40' x 40' Frame Tent - $1200
Click here to view layout idea.

40' x 60' Frame Tent - $1800

40' x 80' Frame Tent - $2400
Click here to view layout idea.

What about tent accessories?

Flooring, dance floors and lighting can be customized to your tent configuration.

What about chair set up in parks or decor set up in halls?

We offer those services too - please visit our Q&A section!

How do I get more information?

We are happy to answer your specific questions via email at,
over the phone at 613.623.6612 or we can arrange a meeting.