Here are some commonly asked questions. If your question isn’t answered, please feel free to email us.


Most prices are quoted for a one day event, however to assist you with your planning and logistics, we can have your order ready the day prior to your event to allow you time to set up, and, most often we anticipate that you will be returning your order to us the day after your event. So, although this spans three days, you are only charged for one day. Please return used rented items by no later than noon on their due date.


While our inventory is extensive, reservations are recommended to guarantee availability. If you are planning a wedding or large scale event, tents, tables & dishes should be ordered at least 3 – 6 months in advance of your event date. Of course, if your needs are last minute, we will do our very best to accommodate you.

You can place your order over the phone, visit our showroom, or start the process by requesting a quote through our website.


We understand that between the time you make your reservation, and your event date, your expected attendance may decrease/increase and therefore we allow changes to quantities: Increases/decreases to your order can be made up to seven days prior to your event pick up or delivery date. During peak season our inventory is in peak use, please ensure you contact us early if your quantities require increasing. All tenting, tent accessories, heaters, bbq’s and dance floors are subject to a 100% cancellation charge. Deposits are non-refundable, and are subtracted from your balance owing


A 30% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. Balance of payment is due when the order is picked up. If it is to be delivered, please make arrangements to complete your payment a minimum of 48 hours prior to your delivery date. If payment has not been received, we reserve the right to alter your delivery time and date to fit our schedule.
We accept cash, pre-approved company cheque, visa, mastercard, debit, and e-transfer (sarah@priorengagements.ca). Our delivery drivers do not accept payment. Payment can be made at our location, or over the phone by credit card. Due to the nature of privacy laws, we are unable to store your credit card information in our database.


Our location is 120 Staye Court Drive, Arnprior, just one block off, and easy access to Highway 17. You are welcome to pick up and return your order. If you have questions about the size of vehicle / trailer required, we are happy to advise. For tables and chairs, you can back your vehicle right up to our lower level pick up area for easy access. Pick-up truck or trailers – remember your tie down straps! Do-it-yourself canopies -10 x 10, 10 x 20 – fit easily in to a pick up. All other tents do require delivery and installation by our crew.

Please note that we are closed Sundays. Your return to us will be Monday.


Absolutely! Please call us with your event location and we will provide a delivery cost for you. Deliveries are a door to door service with reasonable access to location. Tables, chairs and items will be stacked at delivery site, and must be returned to that stacking formation for pick up.

If delivery is to a community hall or outdoor venue, it is the renters responsibility to establish workable delivery and pick up times. The renter is also responsible for the security and condition of rented items at their chosen location.
Delivery and pick up is considered curbside – meaning first floor only with reasonably close access to drop off point. It is expected that rented items are returned and stacked as appropriate to the drop off location. If your situation is different from this, please confirm arrangements prior to delivery day.


Time of delivery will be set the week of the rental and will be either a morning or afternoon time. We will do our best to accommodate a specific delivery time, but it is not always possible.
If you have ‘hall’ constraints as to delivery and pick up times, please let us know far in advance. Late night pick ups are subject to an after hours fee.



No way! That is the beauty of renting – less clean-up for you! Dishes should be scraped clean of food or rinsed, and stacked in the bins provided. Please separate cutlery to the appropriately marked bin.
Linens must be dry and free of garbage/decor before placing in laundry bag provided.


Set up and tear down of other items (tables, chairs, linens etc. ) is not included in delivery fees, but is available if pre-arranged, and is billed at an hourly rate. Contact us with your needs, and see the answer to the question below!
Tents are a whole different ballgame, our tent pricing includes set up, as do tent accessories such as lighting and dancefloors.


Yes. If you can’t get into the hall until the day of the event, or need some assistance, let us know and we will gladly help out! That’s the beauty of rental. You can save money by doing it yourself, or if decor isn’t for you, let us know and we can provide you with a quote!


Yes. We are very familiar with most parks, outdoor spaces and venues across Lanark and Renfrew Counties, and can provide you with set up and tear down service.


A damage waiver of 6% is added to your order. Damage waiver protects you in the event items are damaged or broken through regular intended use of rental products. You must return the broken or damaged items. Damage waiver does NOT cover missing items, damage to linens caused by candle wax, burn holes, mildew/mould from placing wet linens in bags, or damage to tents caused by open BBQ or bonfires held in close proximity to tents or canopies or negligence. This list is not inclusive.
You can decline the damage waiver. If items are missing or damaged upon return you will be billed at replacement cost for that item.
Responsibility for all rented products remains with the renter from the time of receipt until the time of return. If your event is outdoors, please ensure equipment is protected from the weather at all times.

Examples of items covered on damage waiver:

  • Broken glasses
  • Chipped plates
  • Small burn holes in linen.

Examples of items not covered on damage waiver:

  • Any item not returned (including crates and racks)
  • Molded linen
  • Excessive candle wax on linen
  • Excessive amounts of breakage (negligence).

Planning an outdoor wedding or event and considering a tent? Keep on reading!

Considering an outdoor wedding or party? Prior Engagements will work with you to sort through all the details! We can look at your location, discuss with you what your special day ‘looks’ like to you, and the overall logistics of your venue, then provide you with some options!

Please read through our ‘checklist’ of things to consider when planning a tent venue

Tenting considerations:


  • From the tent size you are considering, you will need 5 – 7 feet out to pull lines and stake in to the ground.
  • Staking: all tents 20×20 and up are staked in a minimum 36” up to 42” in to the ground. The area must be clear of septic lines, tanks, beds, gas and electrical lines, irrigation systems, and overhead clear of wires. If within town limits (urban area), you will be required to contact any underground service providers such as Hydro One and Consumers Gas to have your site marked and then provide us with a copy of the paperwork. Paperwork must be received a minimum of 1 week prior to your install date. (www.on1call.ca)
  • As per above, property owner must be on site when the tent is installed.
  • The usual situation for staking tents is directly in to the ground. If your situation is different (new asphalt, bedrock), this must be made known at time of booking. If drilling is required this is an additional charge.
  • Accessibility to site: We must be able to drive to the site (curbside). Tent, tables and furniture are thousands of pounds, so we need direct access to the location.
  • We are happy to do a site inspection in the Spring and Fall months if you are considering an upcoming wedding/function. If your function is within the year (July, August, Sept) we are more available to inspect by June 1st. Within 50km of Arnprior, is no charge, outside this are we will just ask you to cover our gas.


We travel many cottage country roads – sometimes unbeknownst to us until we get close! Our delivery fleet includes 16’ and 30’ trailers, which are tall and ‘swing’ differently than your typical commercial truck. Steep ascents and descents can also be a challenge – if your property/laneway/ and the road(s) travelled to get there are: narrow, tree covered, have steep hills or sharp corners, please let us know!


We will set up Thursdays and Fridays for your Saturday function. We cannot set up tents in high wind or heavy rain due to safety concerns, these are circumstances that are out of our control and your installation time/date may have to be adjusted. If you have a ‘rehearsal’ dinner planned with use of the tent, or a day after Brunch planned with use of the tent, please let us know at time of booking for our scheduling.

Tent pricing includes all walls – two sides windowed walls, two sides ‘solid vinyl’ walls. We will put them up on installation.

Security: Once we have set up tent it is in your possession and you are responsible for its safety for the duration of the rental contract.

Time of delivery will be set the week of the rental and will be either morning or afternoon time. We will do our best to accommodate a specific delivery time, but it is not always possible. Homeowners must be home, and if no site evaluation was completed by us, we require the ‘renter’ (if different from homeowner) on site to confirm location of tent. We will also provide a window of time for removal of items (Sunday or Monday)

Here are some guidelines for timing:

To put up a: tent up to 1000 sq feet, please allow 1.5 hours
Tents upwards of 1000 sq feet, please allow 1.5 to 6 hours
(on average a 40×80 takes 4 – 6 hours).
If we are installing a dancefloor – an additional hour
Lighting system – an additional hour

Furniture is considered delivered ‘stacked’, and must be returned to that ‘stacked’ formation after use for our pick up. If you do require set up & tear down service, additional charges apply, please call for details, and we must know in advance to properly schedule yours and other deliveries.


Do you require a permit? Some municipalities require a permit to erect a tent (particularly on public property )(and usually over 2400 sq feet). It is your responsibility to ensure you have made the enquiries and have applied for and received any necessary paperwork/permits. We can provide you with engineering documentation, and certificate of flame resistance for our tents, as may be required.

We ask that you:

  • Do not use tiki torches or unenclosed flame (tapered candles) as part of your décor in or around the tent (within 30’) they will cause burn holes and permanent marks to tent fabrics and chairs
  • Do not plan a bonfire within 100’ of your tent. If your plans do include a bonfire outside of a 100’ zone, please consider wind conditions.
  • Tents requiring substantial cleaning due to ashes etc, will be subject to a cleaning fee of $100 an hour cleaning time. Tent tops and walls damaged due to bonfire sparks – client bears responsibility to REPLACE all tent components damaged.
  • Do not attach heavy décor to cables
  • Please, at the end of your evening, close up your tent completely. Any side walls left open or off is an attraction to potential winds that can create problems in stormy weather.


  • Tent removals can start as early as 9am Sundays.
  • After your party – who is doing the cleanup? Our delivery and pick up service unless otherwise arranged, is considered curbside, the crew will not clear tables, pack dishes, remove linens or tear down furniture. Please consider having this completed by 9am, we will arrive after that.
  • In our experience, a great deal of planning goes into the setup, and sometimes the clean-up after the party is not considered, to assist us in being on schedule for all of our clients, please ensure you are ready for us, and then you can enjoy the rest of your day!
  • We respect our equipment and ask that you do too. It is inspected after every use and maintained continually throughout the season. Please store items properly before, during and after your event – this may mean out of the rain, out of the way of animals etc.
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